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This is my final, and I thought this was the best as a final because it is clean and I believe it kind of explains the word the best.


One response to “Picard_Dilek_p2e2_final

  1. Good job Dilek. I really like how your typeface turned out. I would suggest maybe do the same thing you did with the serifs on the first four letters on the last “I” Its a minimal detail but it might help to unify the design even more. Also, the resolution of your image, does not allow me to read the text that is inside the “O” and neither can I clearly read the text that forms the letter “A” I’m sure it was just a small mistake at the moment of changing format, so if you could post a better resolution image would be nice. And one last thing i’d suggest is to maybe try to make the letter “A” the same typeface as the rest of the letters. and see how it looks. then you can play with the text as a background. good ob overall.

    Thanks for the feedback on my design as well.

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