4:2 project write up.


Here is my actual Teddy Bear Timothy and the sketches I’ve been working on. Timothy is a teddy bear who fights with the evil darkness and the nightmares the girl who owns him have been having recently. It is a different adventure every night after she falls asleep.

I’m thinking to work with photoshop and illustrator. I want to use actual picture of Timothy and play with it.


Blog Write up 4:1 Corduroy


By Don Freeman

Published September 30, 1976

Corduroy is my favorite children’s book. I didn’t read it until 4 years ago, but i really liked it and it became my favorite American Children’s book. Not only the story is intriguing, but also design and the line quality of the book is very charming.It is very simple and it makes you want to see the rest of the animation. I can’t imagine a person who is not in love with the teddy bears. Especially, a teddy bear who wears corduroy pants waiting to be owned by a little kid :))